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Winter in Havanna (2019)
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Winter in Havanna (2019) : The wind whips the Caribbean Sea over the railing of the 'Malecon', where fishermen stand and cast their fishing rods, while kissing lovers photograph themselves. On the mouldy facades of formerly magnificent buildings on the waterfront, wet laundry has been hanging for days, unwilling to dry. It is winter in Havana. Four people, four destinies in a unique city. Accompanied by magical images of picturesque architecture and nature, far removed from the advertisements promising romance, sun, beach, cigars and vintage nostalgia. The film offers insights into the reality of life of the idiosyncratic, socialist island state that is still under the embargo of the United States, to which the Cubans respond with solidarity and zest for life, with a clenched fist on the outstretched arm calling 'Viva la Revolución'..
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