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내친구의두엄마 (2019)
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내친구의두엄마 (2019) : One day, Minho's dad recklessly brings a performance to his lover and tells Sang-mi to divorce him. Sang-mi and Minho are angry at saying that they can't accept it, and Dad says that if he doesn't divorce within a month, he'll get rid of him without divorce. Minho comforts his mother Sang-mi and says he will try somehow. Minho calls out to play and tells him to leave without breaking the family. When the old dad asked what he liked, he said it was because of the money. He boldly seduces Minho who is trying to expel himself, and says that if he becomes a mother, he can continue to do it with him. Rejecting temptation, Minho comes up with an idea. Minho calls his childhood friend Hyung-jin home and asks him to seduce him to play. I decided to do a favor for my friend's mother, who had been treating me well. Sang-mi heard the plan by chance. After a while, Minho came home with Hyungjin while the musician was alone..
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0 Drama,Romance Bande annonce
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