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仙鹤戏狐妖 (2019)
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仙鹤戏狐妖 (2019) : The demon king, which was sealed by the three major sects (Xianhemen, Jinmian, Qinglian), reinstated the gods and forced the demons to absorb the essence of the common people. When the pure body descended to the mortal world, the robbed baby boy Bai Yulang He was rescued by the Xianhe faction. He grew up in adulthood 18 years later. He finally defeated the demon king through the rebirth and finally killed the demon king with the help of his beloved person (Xie Wenxuan). Since then, in the legends of later generations, Bai Yulang walked the rivers and lakes, descending the demon..
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0 China Drama,Fantasy,Romance Bande annonce
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